Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yeah. Cool title;-) lol.


  1. The autumn has beautiful color, is somewhat hazy... and seductive! I love that picture! ;)

    It's springtime here in Brasil everything is very colorful, there are many flowers, birds singing... the sun is bright but not hot as in summer. I love spring and autumn. And you?

    Kisses ☆¨¯`♥¨*•♫♪¨*

  2. I love both, fall and spring-- so many flowers , colors around. Great to take pictures:-)
    I nearly love every season--except long periods of rain with too cold weather.

  3. mARTy, I like rain but not like cold weather. I like the mild temperatures... I'm very tropical! ;)
    I'm curious to know what you paint on rainy and cold days. How are your work then? Change the colors? You move the textures?
    Hmm .. such as teca question... sorry! :D


  4. This is gorgeous and I love the season. Though here in SF we really don't have seasons but rain and even the cold, refresh me.

  5. Poetic Shutterbug-- I´ve been to SF once, great city. I think it must be gorgeous to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog;-)

    Teca--I like your questions:) cold days don´t change the colors or textures of my paintings.(except bad mood, but then I don´t paint at all)
    I often use my favorite colors-red, orange, yellow--they bring joy and good mood.

    So enjoy your week;)

  6. Beautiful silhouette against the light with exquisite tones.

  7. thanks, leovi:)have a good one!


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